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Ansar Burney appreciates; Thailand seeks talks on human trafficking with Malaysia and Myanmar:

BANGKOK: The Pakistan’s former Federal Minister for Human Rights and Chairman of Ansar Burney Trust International has appreciated that Thailand’s prime minister proposed talks with Malaysia and Myanmar (Burma) on human trafficking after bodies were discovered in a border smuggler’s camp.

International Anti Human Trafficking ‘HERO’ Ansar Burney appreciated that the Prime Minister ofThailand Prayut Chan-o-cha made the offer after dozens of bodies, believed to be those of Rohingya migrants, an ethnic Muslim group in Myanmar (Burma) were found in Thailand’s Songkhla Sadao district, on the border between Thailand and Malaysia. The area has been used as a holding area for migrants who employ human traffickers to sneak them into Malaysia.

Thus far, 28 bodies of Rohingya victims have been identified. Over 60 mass graves have been found, 30 on Wednesday. Prayut also directed 53 police officers to be transferred to the area of the grave sightings to investigate human trafficking crimes.

United Nations former Expert Adviser on Human Rights, Ansar Burney said that the UNHCR already reported it has learned of stories of abuse and deprivation, on boats in the Bay of Bengal and in camps on the Thai-Malaysian border, from hundreds of Rohingya survivors. Some survivors claimed they witness deaths from beatings and starvation. “These findings have been shared with governments to advocate for urgent action,” UNCHR said in a statement.

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