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Our Top Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Human and Civil Rights Organisation

Established in 1980 by Ansar Burney, Advocate in the Pakistani port city of Karachi; the Ansar Burney Trust was the first organization to introduce true human rights in Pakistan.

With a mission to work as a non-political, non-governmental and non-profitable organization, we started our fight against all forms of injustices, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, child abuse, cruelty to women and other more subtle forms of human and civil rights violations without any discrimination or affiliation.

The Ansar Burney Trust headed by Mr. Ansar Burney is a network of human rights organisations working for the deliverance of justice, better treatment of human beings and for the rights and freedoms of civil liberties. Our work is to raise awareness, provide free legal advice and services and humanitarian assistance where needed.

Our mission began with the establishment of the “Prisoners Aid Society” in 1980. Since then we have been involved in bringing reforms in Police Stations, Prisons and Mental Institutions; and work for the aid, advice, release, rehabilitation and welfare of the illegally and unlawfully detained prisoners and mental patients.

We also work for the rehabilitation and welfare of the families of these unfortunate human beings purely on humanitarian grounds in the greater interest of justice and humanity without any affiliation or consideration for any political party, group or activities.

Since its inception in 1980, the Ansar Burney Trust has shown a marked and steady progress in achieving the vowed objectives and has started a number of centers for various projects in Pakistan and abroad.

The Trust also publishes newsletters and human rights reports with the purpose of spreading awareness of issues and to try and get more and more people involved.

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For over a decade

What Time Has Witness Is Undeniable

Since 1980, Ansar Burney pioneer trust heading towards the betterment of the society since founded. Time and precious efforts have proved the objectives that have core purpose to serve humanity. These years have witnessed how Ansar Burney has worked, needless to say that his righteous, courageous struggle has made him earn Hilal-e-Imtiaz and many other honorable rewards. He never steps back to daring challenges, where people need donation or help in natural disasters or human trafficking. Ansar Burney has always been at the top of the list for donating million dollars whenever a flood or disasters unrooted villagers or residents. His milestone for several efforts are undeniable. From releasing innocents from jail, or to bring captains back to home from the pirated sail he has proved himself as a one-man army for all since decade.


Lives We Saved

900,000 +

How we help

Anti Human Trafficking Campaign

The United Nations former Expert Adviser on Human Rights, International Anti human Trafficking ‘HERO’ and Pakistan’s former Federal Minister for human Rights Mr Ansar Burney & his wife Mrs Shaheen Burney on a visit of Thailand, Indonesia, Mayanmar and Malaysia will reach Kuala Lampur on Monday night.


Children’s Rights

When a people lack commitment, drive and zeal to better the condition of our fellow human beings, the over riding emotion is that of apathy particularly towards the under privileged. But our ever-enterprising statesmen have found a way: down the line they express “profound grief” and “deep sorrow” alongside heartfelt platitudes for the grieved family.

Women’s Rights

According to estimates – as many as 70 percent of women in Pakistan experience domestic violence. This violence can range from beatings, to sexual violence or torture, to broken bones and very serious injury caused by pouring of acid or burning the victim alive.

Relief Activities

Our mission to save human lives. Earth Quake in N. Pakistan: During the recent earth quake disaster in Northern Pakistan, the Ansar Burney Trust provided aid worth over $1 million (USD) to the effected people, in the form of warm tents, warm clothes and blankets, food rations and clean drinking water