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Human and Civil Rights Organisation

Since its inception in 1980, Ansar Burney Trust International (ABTI) has played pivotal role in Human Rights awareness and protection, both, Internationally and in Pakistan. Unlike most non-government and non-political organizations currently operating in Pakistan, ABTI holds it to its credit to be called as 'Pioneers of Human Rights' in Pakistan. Even to date most of the NGOs in Pakistan are either a derivative of a political party or focused more on charities than working on protection of human rights and ending human rights abuses.

Mr. Ansar Burney Chairman of ABTI developed the concept of having a Trust to safeguard the rights of prisoners while he was himself being transferred into different jails of Pakistan. Mr. Ansar Burney’s was a prominent student leader with People’s Student Federation. It was during these times (at age 20) that he was arrested to give pro-democracy speech against Martial Law. He was jailed thrice from 1978 to 1980 and for different durations under false allegations (as a Student Leader). During these detentions he met numerous prisoners who were either charged under false allegations, or were not being charged or had already completed their terms. Some were in jails from the time of Partition and still awaited justice.

It was post release from jail that a formal organization by the name of Prisoner’s Aid Society was laid. Moving forward Commission Against Terrorism and Bureau Missing and Kidnapped Children were also established. And with time these and more societies were collectively grouped under Ansar Burney Trust International.

In the last Four Decades, ABTI has actively worked on domestic violence issues, children’s rights, prisoner’s rights and freed over 900,000 people from mental institutions and wrongful confinement both in Pakistan and Internationally.

In recognition ABTI’s international campaign against human trafficking and to end child slavery in the Middle East in the form of child camel jockeys, Mr. Ansar Burney was declared an Anti-Human Trafficking Hero by the then-United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and in the 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report by the United States Department of State. These children belonged from Sub-Continent and African Countries and were often under-fed and mistreated in order to keep them light.

We also provide legal aid, and disaster relief. Post Covid19 pandemic ABTI has also provided help and assistance to educational and vocational institutes, and families in need. During unprecedented lockdowns we worked closely with Government Agencies to help repatriate Pakistani travelers from all over the world.



Since 1980, Ansar Burney pioneer trust heading towards the betterment of the society since founded. Time and precious efforts have proved the objectives that have core purpose to serve humanity. These years have witnessed how Ansar Burney has worked, needless to say that his righteous, courageous struggle has made him earn Hilal-e-Imtiaz and many other honorable rewards. He never steps back to daring challenges, where people need donation or help in natural disasters or human trafficking. Ansar Burney has always been at the top of the list for donating million dollars whenever a flood or disasters unrooted villagers or residents. His milestone for several efforts are undeniable. From releasing innocents from jail, or to bring captains back to home from the pirated sail he has proved himself as a one-man army for all since decade.

Lives We Saved

900, 000


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