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08 jun 2016

The Ansar Burney Trust has been working against the deadly diseases like HIV (+) and Hepatitis C, Thalassemia etc. which are growing at an alarming rate in Pakistan as a result of such deadly contagious diseases the society is getting weaker and the future and safety of our nation and beloved country is deteriorating. The HIV (+) is caused due to immoral and unethical practices whereas the Hepatitis C and other blood diseases are caused due to malnutrition, unhygienic and contaminated conditions and circumstances amongst others. Especially the prisoners who are living under the high risk environment of prisons have mostly become prey of such diseases. The Ansar Burney Trust has launched a campaign to ensure the enforcement of blood camps at regular interval especially in the prisons to ascertain the ratio of such ailing prisoners and the Trust is committed with its aim to stop the further spread of such deadly diseases.

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