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Your Help Can Help Us Protect and Support Human Rights.

Like any other market, human trafficking or smuggling also entails a demand and supply relationship. Reacting to an expansion popular for illicit migration, human smugglers set up 'workplaces' in the catchment region, where they start the cycle of enrollment, building organizations, showcasing their genuineness and start their criminal venture. Technological advancement and social media have even so more opened new avenues for these scavengers to exploit gullible people.

Illegal exploitation in Pakistan causes significant damage not only to our economy but also to the families who go through the trauma of not finding their loved ones. Children, women and young boys are kidnapped, bought and sold, for working in begging rings, domestic servitude and prostitution. Children/women of all ages are trafficked to be exploited sexually in other countries, while others are forced to work for illegal begging and trafficking rings. Babies are sold to childless couples. Young children are also kidnapped for the organ gathering exchange, where their organs like kidneys are eliminated and offered to those requiring body parts at significant expenses.

Because of destitution, these helpless families cannot stand to document claims for their seized or lost relatives. The absence of cash has prompted an awkwardness of force, passing on the poor with no ability to voice their interests, while these criminal operations keep on upgrading their size of tasks.

Ansar Burney Trust International (ABTI) becomes the voice of these people. Irrespective of the social or religious strata a family belongs to, we help them find their loved ones. Once a ‘missing report’ of a child or woman is registered with us, our team works closely with the law enforcement agencies along with our own wide network of team(s) in all major cities of Pakistan. We even work with International Agencies to help the families reunite with their loved ones stuck in different parts of the world. Most of the times innocent people are used as drugs couriers and are sentenced to death by the respective countries. We not only fight their cases in the International Court of Law, but bring them safely to Pakistan and also help them restart their lives again.

Prominent cases

Child camel jockeys

Mr. Ansar Burney is especially credited as the man whose endeavors prompted the finish of child bondage as child camel jockeys in the Middle East bringing about great many children were being liberated gotten back to their homes in South Asia and Africa.

Beginning his campaign against child trafficking two decades earlier, Mr. Ansar Burney had been involved in raising awareness of the issue of child camel jockeys for many years and had been involved in the rescue and repatriation of many children from the Gulf region. During 2003–04 in the UAE alone, according to reports by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the US State Department, Mr. Ansar Burney had figured out how to safeguard and localize more than 400 youngsters.

By 2005, the utilization of child camel jockeys was restricted in the UAE, and in other adjoining Middle Eastern countries the year after, and in acknowledgment the Ansar Burney Trust International was announced an International Best Practice by the US State Department in its 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report. A narrative on the work safeguarding Child Camel Jockeys that was broadcasted on the American TV channel HBO won both an Emmy Award and an Alfred DuPont Award.

Framing and murder of 7 immigrants in Macedonia

Six Pakistani and an Indian settler endeavoring to cross wrongfully into Europe were captured by Macedonian experts in March 2002. An arrangement was incubated and the men were taken near the US Embassy in Macedonia where they were killed and framed as terrorists in an attempt to prove Macedonia's credentials as a frontline US ally in the War on Terror. At that point, it was expressed by the Macedonian specialists that the men had gone from Pakistan trying to assault the government office and the arrangement had been thwarted by the activities of the Macedonian police. The pre-arranged occurrence and outlining was planned by then Interior Minister Ljube Boškoski.. Details of this incident came to light after Mr. Ansar Burney's intervention in the matter. He visited Macedonia to seek arrest of Boškoski (who fled the country), compensation for the families, and to have the victims' bodies returned to their homes.

Pakistani Taekwondo players falsely accused of terrorism

Ten Pakistani taekwondo players, who were addressing their country in games being held in Latvia, were captured in 2003 on terrorism charges. The players' families contacted ABTI and we promptly contacted the Latvian authorities to seek the men's release. After an examination, it was uncovered that the players' just wrongdoing was that they had booked a corresponding flight to Pakistan via Russia – a flight on which an Israeli basketball team was also travelling. The men were captured with no proof, yet absolutely because of the reality they were Pakistani and Muslim. ABTI guaranteed the players' delivery and bringing home to Pakistan.

Pakistanis sold into slavery in Sudan

In March 2005, 60 Pakistanis showed up lawfully in Khartoum, Sudan looking for a superior future and to work a job they were guaranteed by an office at an oil company. However, they found themselves to have been sold into slavery at a labour camp in Bageer (near Khartoum). Encircled by armed guards and with no way out, the men went through five months in the private prison, filling in as slave workers took care of for the most part boiled rice and dirty water.

At the point when they at last figured out how to contact the Pakistani Embassy in Sudan they were given full help – until it was uncovered that the organization that orchestrated their movement and sold them into subjection was owned by a Senior Minster in Pakistan. The men were deserted and left to experience significantly more. ABTI was informed through volunteers and dispatched a mission for the arrival of the men; who were finally returned a few months later.

Release of hostages from Somali pirates

MV Suez, a Panamanian banner cargo vessel (of 17,000 tons dead weight) with 22 group individuals was seized by Somali pirates on 4 August 2010. The group comprised of eleven Egyptians, six Indians, four Pakistanis and a Sri Lankan. The Pirates requested a payoff of $20 million from the ship’s owner; whilst they could just arrange $1 million. In distress, the pirates permitted the crew members to contact their homes. Incapable to collect the huge amount of cash to pay the payment, the families reached out to Mr. Ansar Burney who, alongside with then Governor of Sindh Dr. Ishrat-uI-Ibad, dispatched a public mission to raise the funds. Mr. Burney ventured out to the UAE, Egypt, Somalia, and India in a bid to get the arrival of the team individuals. He at last succeeded and the vessel was delivered on 13 June 2011. An activity was then dispatched by the Pakistan Navy entitled Operation Umeed-e-Nuh to accompany the boat and its mariners to Karachi, Pakistan.

Six Pakistanis Stranded in Red Sea

On 21 March 2021, the report of OSV MEHR (a Tanzanian flag ocean tug boat) being dead in water in Red Sea with 6 Pakistani crew members onboard was aired on the social and electronic media. One of the seafarers, Dildar Ahmed Khan’s son Asadullah Khan reached out to ABTI for help. The condition of three of the seafarers was reportedly serious after they consumed sea water and remained exposed to sea for long without food and medication. The tug boat had left Oman for Egypt in mid-February but lost its engines and steering hydraulic system 150NMs from Jeddah in the Red Sea. By March 27th, it had drifted closer to Egypt from where a Pakistani vessel rescued them. Mr. Ansar Burney worked along with Pakistan Navy, Ministry of Foreign Office and Ministry of Maritime Affairs for safe return of the crew. “We were helpless but my father will soon be with us because of the efforts of Burney Sahib,” a grateful Asadullah Khan, said after hearing the news of his father’s safe return.

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